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I love unexpected connections and clever solutions. So it's no surprise that my career makes connections across a number of disciplines: human-centered design, engineering, social psychology, and social innovation.


And I've partnered with a lot of different people and organizations. From evolutionary psychologists to political campaign heads, and from startups to corporations to philanthropies, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with ambitious, curious people from all walks of life. 

So if you have a curiosity you want to explore together, drop a line! 


Here are some things I'm curious about, outside of my professional projects: 



System Innovation

Food Experimentation


I'm fascinated by social infrastructure. Talk to me any time about urban design, logistics and incentives, food systems, laws and standards, technology, and behavioral design -- and how it all shapes society (for better or worse). 📈

Currently helping launch Systems Innovation hubs in New York and New England to address societal challenges more holistically and equitably. 

I'm all about trying new flavors, hacking hydroponics techniques, and refining recipes. And not afraid to nerd out on it. 

I recently attempted a "study" on shortbread recipes, with a convenience sample of friends. You can read my report here! (Did I mention that I'd nerd out? 🍪)

Making is so satisfying. I often have a rotating cast of projects, ranging from paper engineering, sewing, knitting, drawing, 

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